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Online Privacy for Individuals
Cyber-Security for Small Business

Privacy Secured (Tier 1 Services)

lock-icon-bullets  Send private encrypted emails and texts.
lock-icon-bullets  Make private voice/video phone calls.
lock-icon-bullets  Surf the internet without being tracked.
lock-icon-bullets  Hide your location and true identity.
lock-icon-bullets  Lock private files on your computer.
lock-icon-bullets  Shred trashed files beyond recognition.

Network Security (Tier 2 Services)

lock-icon-bullets  Regulatory Compliance
lock-icon-bullets  Vulnerability Scanning
lock-icon-bullets  Comprehensive Risk Assessments
lock-icon-bullets  Identity/Access Management
lock-icon-bullets  Independent Security Audits
  Security Penetration Testing

Unfortunately we’re living in an age of hacked files, spyware, ransom ware and data mining. There is some good news though.

If you want to secure your online privacy and personal files, we can help.

Based on the types of computers you use and the level of security you want, we’ll show you the best solutions and assist you with getting them set up quickly. 

Security brings peace of mind.  Secure your phones, computers, and internet connection all for one flat fee. Friendly tech support included.

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