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How To Keep A Secret On The Internet

Some people would like you to believe that there’s just no such thing as privacy anymore. But they’re mistaken. Online privacy is real and attainable.

Some people would like you to believe that obtaining professional-grade IT Security requires spending thousands of dollars. But that’s also incorrect. In fact securing your online privacy is very affordable. 

For a very low flat fee you can have Privacy Super Powers!

Sorting through all the hardware and software options can be confusing. Setup and optimization can be difficult. That’s where we come in. Our technicians are certified experts from companies like Microsoft and Cisco.

Based on the kind of computers you have and the level of privacy you need, we’ll show you the best options and get them up and running smoothly for you.

Your Online Privacy Super Powers 

  • Send truly private emails and texts which nobody else can read.
  • Make truly private voice/video phone calls.
  • Surf the internet without being tracked.
  • Hide your location and true identity.
  • Hide and encrypt sensitive files on your computer.
  • Shred and permanently destroy unwanted files.
  • Scan all your devices for possible security/hacking threats.
  • Have powerful controls over what gets in and what gets out.